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11 December 2017 - NW2828

Profile picture: America, Mr D

America, Mr D to ask the Minister of Health

(1) What is the backlog in (a) postmortem reports, (b) toxicology reports and (c) blood-alcohol test samples in laboratories administered by his department in each province (i) in the 2016-17 financial year and (ii) since 1 April 2017; (2) what are the challenges experienced by his department in eliminating the specified backlog; (3) what steps has his department taken to address the challenges experienced?


(1) (a), (b), (c) The Department of Health has four (4) Forensic Chemistry Laboratories in the whole country and these are not necessarily distributed Provincially and hence I cannot give you any provincial figures.

(i) and (ii) Please see above

(2) The challenges in the Forensic Chemistry Laboratories relate to high volumes of samples received for blood alcohol for drunken driving which increases the workload. These high volumes in blood alcohol sample were received in the 2016/17 and the first five months of 2017/18.

(3) The Department has purchased additional equipment to deal with the blood alcohol volumes.

Secondly samples are distributed across the four (4) FCLs.

Overtime work is also implemented to assist in decreasing the backlog.

Finally, the real solution is to reduce the high incidence of drunken driving in our roads.


11 December 2017 - NW3927

Profile picture: Mente, Ms NV

Mente, Ms NV to ask the Minister of Health

What are the details of the roll-out plans that his department have for the National Health Insurance in relation to (a)(i) provincial and (ii) regional hospitals and (b) clinics at municipal level?


Detailed plans for roll-out of NHI provincially, in regional hospitals and municipal clinics will become apparent after the NHI Bill has been passed by Parliament into the NHI Act.


11 December 2017 - NW3491

Profile picture: Carter, Ms D

Carter, Ms D to ask the Minister of Health

With reference to his reply to question 158 on 13 March 2017 wherein he stated that the internship and Community Service Programme (ICSP) online application system was introduced in 2016 for placement of 2017 medical interns and community service candidates and that during the implementation of the ICSP programme various challenges were experienced with the key process activities and the use of ICSP online, what measures have been put in place to ensure smooth and fair placements of medical interns?


In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ICSP online system the National Department developed ICSP Guidelines which are updated yearly in order to meet the demands of applicants. The Department also developed an Improvement Plan which is meant to address identified challenges experienced during the 2016/2017 period.

Both these documents are work-in-progress and are updated annually to ensure that the system is able to cope with emanating challenges.

The Department continuously engage with stakeholders to try and trouble-shoot envisaged challenges.

The Department has also established a helpdesk that operates for 8 hours from Monday to Friday to assist with responding to enquiries from applicants and directing them appropriately. Furthermore, the Department has an email ticket system that helps to track enquiries of applicants.


11 December 2017 - NW3156

Profile picture: Filtane, Mr ML

Filtane, Mr ML to ask the Minister of Health

(1)Whether, with regard to the insufficient provision of water at the Butterworth Hospital in the Eastern Cape, which resulted in ill people being released to go home and suffer or possibly die, he was informed of the pending water crisis; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether any measures were in place to avoid the above-mentioned consequence; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


(1) Through the MEC for Health in the Eastern Cape, I was made aware of water challenges facing Butterworth area, thus affecting Butterworth Hospital.

Patients were transferred to other health facilities and no patients were sent home to die.

During the period in question, water carting happened in the hospital. As an additional measure, the Hospital reservoir is being expanded.

The drought situation has drastically improved with the good rains that we received. The Hospital is functioning normally.

(2) Yes, measures were put in place to avert the situation, such as the following:


The Department is currently carting water from East London to Butterworth Hospital.


When the risk was identified by the Department in 2016, Geo-hydrological studies were commissioned by the Eastern Cape Department of Health which unfortunately indicated that there is no underground water in the Butterworth area, hence the Department resolved to initiate a project to construct an additional 800 Kilo Litre water reservoir. The project is currently in procurement. The reservoir will be sufficient to store water for 48 hours.


The Department made arrangements with Local Municipality to open water specifically to the Hospital reservoir on certain days of the week.


11 December 2017 - NW3490

Profile picture: Carter, Ms D

Carter, Ms D to ask the Minister of Health

Whether his department has considered using a device researched and manufactured by a certain company (name furnished) which detects biomarkers found in human tears (details furnished); if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


No. The Department of Health is dedicated to implementing the latest available technology to diagnose breast cancers. However the technology using human tears is still being researched and is not available for clinical use.


11 December 2017 - NW3930

Profile picture: Moteka, Mr PG

Moteka, Mr PG to ask the Minister of Health

Whether he has been informed of the arbitration hearings between employees of his department, his department’s Labour Relations Committee and a Commissioner of the Bargaining Council on 22 November 2017; if so, what was the outcome of the specified hearings?


I am aware of the arbitration hearings between employees of the Department, the Department's Labour Relations Committee and a Commissioner of the Bargaining Council. The parties to the arbitration are still awaiting the outcome of the Comissioner.


11 December 2017 - NW3309

Profile picture: Mkhaliphi, Ms HO

Mkhaliphi, Ms HO to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

Whether the (a) chief executive officer and (b) chief financial officer of entities reporting to her are employed on a permanent basis; if not, (2) Whether the specified officers are employed on a fixed term contract; if so, (a) what are the names of each of the officers and (b) when (i) was each officer employed and (ii) will each officer’s contract end?


Electoral Commission


(1)(a) Yes.

(2)(a) The Chief Electoral Officer is Mr Simon Phatudi Mamabolo.

(2)(b)(i) He was appointed on 1 October 2017.

(2)(b)(ii) His term ends on September 2022.


(1)(b) The Chief Financial Officer position is currently vacant.

(2)(a) Not applicable

(2)(b)(i-ii) Not applicable

Government Printing Works


(1)(a) Not applicable. The post of Chief Executive Officer of GPW is vacant and has been advertised on 16 October 2017.

(2)(a) Ms Thandi Moyo who is the General Manager: Special Projects at GPW is acting in the position until the post is filled.

(2)(i) Not applicable.

(2)(ii) Not applicable.


(1)(b) Yes.

(2)(a) The Chief Financial Officer is Ms Josephine Meyer.

(2)(b)(i) She was appointed on 1 April 2017.

(2)(b)(ii) Not applicable.

08 December 2017 - NW2175

Profile picture: Esau, Mr S

Esau, Mr S to ask the Minister of Health

(1)(a) How many (i) qualified radiologists are currently in practice in the country, (ii) are in the (aa) private and (bb) public sector in each province and (iii) are currently in training and (b) what is the guideline of the World Health Organisation pertaining to the number of radiologists; (2) does the country adhere to the specified guideline; if not, why not?


(1) (a) (i) 650

(ii) (aa) 335

(bb) 130

(iii) 253

(b) Radiologists - There are no published WHO guidelines or other benchmarks specifically for radiologists.

(2) There are no WHO guidelines for specifically for radiologists.


08 December 2017 - NW3162

Profile picture: Ketabahle, Ms V

Ketabahle, Ms V to ask the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

What are the details including the ranks of service providers and /or contractors from which (a) his department and (b) the entities reporting to him procured services in the past five years 2. What (a) service was provided by each service provider and /or contactor and (b) amount was service provider and / or contractor paid 3. (a) how many of these service providers are black-owned entities, (b) what was each of the black-owned service providers awarded and; (c) how much was each black-owned service provider paid?


I have been informed by the Department and entities as follows:


The question is broad and not specific requiring detailed information over a long period of time. Various services procured by the Department range from small to big procurement of goods and services.

(1)(a) The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services was established in May 2014. Since 2014 various services were rendered to the Department by various service providers. Therefore the answer to the question will only focus on the 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.

(2)(a) The list of service providers utilised during the abovementioned periods are too long to list.

(2)(b) The type of services that were rendered to the Department are as follows:-





Security Services

Cleaning Services

Pest Control

Hiring of a Mobile Theatre Stage

Hiring of Tents

Hiring of Furniture

Hiring of Public Address System

Hiring of Audio Visual Equipment

Hiring of Chemical Toilets

Repair and Service of Air Condition

Designing of Promotional Material

Design and Layout of Banners

Manufacturing and Installation of Blinds

Personnel Assessments

Data Capturing, Processing and Recovering

Branding and Marketing

Repair and Renovation of Building

Refuse Removal

Repair Access Control System

Competency Assessments

Furniture Removal

Transcription Services

Clothing with Logo Printing

Pluming Services

Electrician Services

Maintenance of Database

Burglar Proofing

Audit Services


System Development Services

Legal Services

Advisory Consulting Services

Delivery of News Papers

Translators: Brailing Of Documents

Computer Support Services

Repair and Install CCTV System

Verification of Qualifications

Advisory Consulting Services

Video Recording

Repairing of Camera

Hiring Of Photographer

Website Development

Repair and Install Networks

Rendering of Health Care


The total spent on services was R90 million for the period of 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial year.





9, million


6, million


14, million

(b) Entities

1. – 3, I refer the member to the Annual Reports and the Financial Statements of the entities



Dr Siyabonga Cwele, MP

Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services


08 December 2017 - NW3642

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

What is the ratio of (a) nurse and (b) doctor to patient in respect of each (i) hospital and (ii) clinic in the country, based on population within the catchment area for each hospital and clinic?


Ratios of health workers to patient was always calculated as nation per unit total population. This was deemed not useful by the World Health Organisation (WHO) because it does not talk about the spread of this Health workforce within a country.

The WHO then came with a mathematical formula called WISN (Work Indicator for Staffing Needs).

We are busy calculating these needs using this mathematical formula.


08 December 2017 - NW3199

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

Whether there is a plan in place for the Alfred Nzo Hospital in the Kopanong Local Municipality in the Xariep Region, Free State province, to provide (a) maternity services, (b) oncology services, (c) neurology services, (d) eye, ear and nose care, and (e) an intensive care unit?


There is no Alfred Nzo Hospital in the mentioned municipality and districts.


08 December 2017 - NW3736

Profile picture: Ketabahle, Ms V

Ketabahle, Ms V to ask the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

1. Whether (a) his department and / or (b) entities reporting to him procured services from a certain company ( name furnished); if so, (i) what services were procured in each case and (ii) what is the total amount that was paid to the specified company in each case;


I have been informed by the Department and Entities reporting to me as follows:

1 (a) Kindly note DTPS only existed May 2014. No services were procured from Travel with Flair by the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services

  1. Not Applicable
  2. Not Applicable

1 (b) No services by entities of DTPS that had dealings with Travel with Flair (Pty) Ltd, except USAASA and Sentech have procured services from Travel with Flair.

  1. USAASA procured travel services.
  1. USAASA paid R29, 679.00 and USAF paid R17, 106.01.

2. (b)(i)(ii)(iii) USAASA procures services from the company for international travel and the details are as follows:

Who travelled


Travel Route

Invoice Amount

Agency Fee

P Radebe

17 Oct 2015


R130 484.72


Z Nkosi

17 Oct 2017


R117 954.72



(1)&(2) Sentech procured the following services from Travel with Flair:

Labels Sum of TWF Fee

2016 516 725

Accommodation (Acc) 234 124

Car Hire (Car) 91 522

Conference (Ccc) 31 074

Domestic Air Travel (Dom) 119 366

Insurance (Ins) 130

International Air Travel (Int) 7 985

Regional Air Tickets (Reg) 2 055

Transfers & Shuttles (Tra) 29 969

Trav Other (Sao) 280

Trav_ Accomod (Sac) 220

2017 484 090

Accommodation (Acc) 197 976

Bus & Rail Reservations (Bus) 110

Car Hire (Car) 74 501

Conference (Ccc) 58 428

Domestic Air Travel (Dom) 118 597

Insurance (Ins) 510

International Air Travel (Int) 6 215

Regional Air Tickets (Reg) 4 900

Tours (Tou) 110

Transfers & Shuttles (Tra) 22 113

Trav Other (Sao) 515

Trav_Conference (Sap) 115

2015 161 764

Accommodation (Acc) 51 790

Car Hire (Car) 22 930

Conference (Ccc) 29 207

Domestic Air Travel (Dom) 38 470

International Air Travel (Int) 4 840

Transfers & Shuttles (Tra) 14 412

Air (Ai1) 115

Grand Total 1 162 580