Legacy Reports

Fifth Parliament (2014-2019)

National Assembly

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Arts and Culture
Basic Education
• Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs
Defence and Military Veterans
• Economic Development
Environmental Affairs
Higher Education
Home Affairs
Human Settlements
International Relations and Cooperation
• Justice and Correctional Services
Mineral Resources
Public Enterprises
Public Service and Administration
Public Works
• Rural Development & Land Reform
Science and Technology
Small Business Development
Social Development
Sport and Recreation
Standing Committee on Appropriations
Standing Committee on Auditor General
Telecommunications & Postal Services
Trade and Industry
• Transport
Water and Sanitation
Women in The Presidency

National Council of Provinces

• NCOP Appropriations 
• NCOP Communications and Public Enterprise 
• NCOP Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs 
• NCOP Economic and Business Development 
• NCOP Education and Recreation 
• NCOP Finance 
• NCOP Land and Mineral Resources   Addition to Legacy Report
• NCOP Petitions and Executive Undertakings 
• NCOP Security and Justice 
• NCOP Social Services 
• NCOP Trade and International Relations 

Joint Committees

• Financial Management of Parliament 
• Multi-Party Women’s Caucus
• Constitutional Review