Assessing the Effectiveness of Written Questions and Replies as an Oversight Mechanism

Parliament’s Budget Vote Debate: Key Highlights

Implications of a Virtual Parliament on its Constitutional Mandate

Checks and Balances: The Auditor-General Project Report (prepared by Institute for African Alternatives)

Delays in Assenting to Bills

Written Questions: A Critical Oversight Mechanism

TESTING THE LIMITS OF OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY AND ACCESS TO INFORMATION Public access to information that Parliament requests from Departments



Bills Returned to Parliament by the President 

Explainer: Budgetary Review and Recommendations Reports

Words of Parliament No. 1: “Consequence Management”

Are Ministers attending parliamentary committee meetings? A look at the Sixth Parliament (Jun-Dec 2019)

Bills on the President’s desk



Review of the Fifth Parliament

NHI Timeline: Key dates and events

Bills Activity: Fifth Parliament

MP & Committee Turnover: Fifth Parliament

Written Questions for Minister's Reply: Fifth Parliament


Ministerial Attendance in Parliament: Is Ramaphosa’s Cabinet doing better?

Legislative Performance/Output in Parliament (2006-2017)​

Youth in Parliament 2018


Public Participation Survey 2017

Number of new MPs at commencement of Fifth Parliament


Overview of Fourth Parliament of South Africa 2009-2014


Portfolio Committee on Health Shadow Legacy Report (2004-2009)​