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10 June 2022 - NW1910

Profile picture: Singh, Mr N

Singh, Mr N to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether his department has conducted any assessments of the floods damage and work needed to restore and improve the road infrastructure along the N2 South Coast between Stanger and Scottburgh; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) how have the assessments been done, (b) what (i) remedial action is being considered and/or implemented and (ii) are the time frames and (c) what tenders have been called for the repair of the specified section of the road?


a) The assessments have been undertaken by teams of engineering specialists and project managers within SANRAL, complemented by specialist consulting engineering firms.

b) (i) and (ii) as per table below:

c) Procurement documents are in the process of being finalised where applicable for the sites indicated above. In the interim, holding actions are being undertaken by routine road maintenance contractors.

10 June 2022 - NW1913

Profile picture: Herron, Mr BN

Herron, Mr BN to ask the Minister of Transport

With reference to his reply to question 1212 on 6 May 2022, pertaining to ghost workers at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), what is the total amount in remuneration paid to the 3 000 ghost workers from 1 December 2021 to date; (2) what is the total amount in remuneration paid to the 3 000 ghost workers over the total period they have been on Prasa’s payroll?


1. Prasa has concluded the first phase of project Ziveze verification where employees were asked to present themselves in person and submit qualifications and ID copies for verification and vetting.

The process is now on the second phase where salaries of all employees who failed to present themselves were locked at the April 2022 pay day. Subsequent to the locking of salaries some employees presented themselves with the necessary information for verification.

Part of this phase is that Internal Audit is auditing the project processes until July 2022. In addition PRASA has commenced with a forensic investigation.

The detailed reports with financial impact will be submitted on conclusion of the forensic audit.

2. A report detailing the final numbers of unverified employees; the salaries paid from inception to April 2022; the loss suffered by the organisation shall be made available on conclusion of the forensic audit. It must be noted that employees have been coming in for verification after salaries were locked on 27 April 2022.

10 June 2022 - NW1717

Profile picture: Marais, Ms P

Marais, Ms P to ask the Minister of Transport

What (a) is the extent of potholes in Bloemfontein recorded by his department and (b) total amount would it cost his department to have all the potholes in the specified city fixed?


(a) The question makes reference to the potholes in Bloemfontein. It is therefore important that roads in an around Bloemfontein are being maintained by The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality (MMM) as well as the Department of Police, Roads and Transport (DPRT). MMM would therefore be responsible for all urban roads, while DPRT predominantly have custodianship of peri-urban and rural roads. This reply is therefore in relation to the broader Mangaung Metropolitan Area.

It is also important to consider that the MMM relies on the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) to perform their maintenance, while DPRT relies heavily on the Provincial Roads Maintenance Grant (PRMG) in terms of its maintenance strategies. The PRMG has strict conditions that allows for 25% of the grant to be used for upgrades and the remaining 75% for maintenance activities. This is in contrast with the prevailing road conditions which warrant and require upgrade-related activities, as opposed to the maintenance activities that the grant makes provision for. For this purpose, intense engagement is required from Provincial Treasury to ensure that funding is availed through the Infrastructure Enhancement Allocation for the necessary upgrades. Alternatively, the strict PRMG conditions require relaxation in order for the country at large to be able to mitigate the current backlog in road maintenance. If this is not achieved, Provinces will continuously be challenged with the situation whereby maintenance is performed in line with grant conditions, while the actual need on the ground is much more intense and borders on upgrade activities.

A recent presentation by NDOT suggests that the South African road network was not planned for the current traffic volumes. A large volume of traffic have migrated from rail to road and households currently procure several vehicles as opposed to one vehicle per family as anticipated when the broader road network was planned.

This, as well as the delay of timely routine maintenance activities, contribute to the state in which road are.