Monitoring Improvement of Quality of Life and Status of Women

Joint (NA + NCOP) Committee

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23 Oct 2008 Traditional Courts Bill: Committee Report & submission: National Gender Machinery Meeting, nomination of Deputy Chairperson of Committee
19 Jun 2008 Traditional Courts Bill: Parliamentary Research Unit briefing
29 May 2008 Women’s reproductive health and rights: Department of Health progress report
22 May 2008 Office on the Status of Women: Budget Vote Hearing
15 May 2008 Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Implementation report by Office on Status of Women
21 Feb 2008 Topics for Discussion, Budget Vote Preparations, Meeting Attendance
18 Feb 2008 United Nations Commission Invitation & Media Report on Taxi Rank Attacks

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Bill name Date introduced Number Status
Traditional Courts Bill 09 Apr 2008 B15-2008 Withdrawn


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Secretary to Committee

Secretary to Chairperson

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