Copyright Amendment Bill & Performers' Protection Amendment Bill Submissions & Presentations

  1. Wikimedia Presentation to WCPP
  2. Wikimedia Submission to parliament
  3. M Sapepa ANC Submission
  4. Mr T Olivier (ANC) Submission 
  5. Ms S Mshemuswa (ANC) Submission
  6. Scholarly Horizons Denise Nicholson Submission (CAB) Submission
  7. Scholarly Horizons Presentation
  8. CPA and ACA Annexure A
  9. CPA and ACA Submission on the CAB and PPAB
  10. Voices of Africa Today Submission
  11. IPO IBFC ASA AV Sector Submission 
  12. WCG Submission CAB
  13. PEN Afrikaans Submission on CAB
  14. SADTU Submission on CAB
  15. MPA Submission on CAB and PPAB
  16. Patricia Mothopeng CAB Submission
  17. TUMSA Submission to CAB and PPAB
  18. Prof S Karjiker Comments on PPAB
  19. Turksvy Submission
  20. Prof S Karjiker Submissions on CAB
  21. SAIIPL Covering Letter Submission CAB
  22. SAIIPL Submission Copyright And Performers Protection Amendment Bill
  23. Joint Academic Opinion Submission
  24. Joint Academic Opinion Presentation
  25. Peter Lor Submission on Copyright Amendment Bill
  26. Multichoice CAB and PPAB Presentation
  27. Multichoice & M-Net Copyright  Performer Provincial Submissions
  28. M-Net & Multichoice Draft Annexure A to Copyright Performer Submission
  29. Prof Dean Annexure OHD 1
  30. Prof Dean Comments on CAB
  31. Prof Dean Presentation
  32. Prof Dean Word Version of CAB
  33. Recreate Final Submission on CAB
  34. Artists Unite Submission
  35. PASA CAB at Cape Town Presentation
  36. PASA Submission to Western Cape Parliament
  37. CAPASSO CAB Presentation
  38. Research ICT Africa CAB Submission
  39. Research ICT Africa CAB Presentation
  40. Netflix Written Submission
  41. BlindSA & Section27 Submission
  42. Section2727 & BlindSA Constitutional Court Judgment Guide
  43. Short Blind SA Western Cape CAB Presentation
  44. Writers Guild of South Africa Submission on CAB
  45. SAGA Presentation
  46. SAGA Submission
  47. W RiSA and IFPI Submission on CAB
  48. SAMRO Submission 
  49. CCSA Submission to Western Cape Legislature
  50. SAMIC Submission on the Bills