Social Development (WCPP)

Western Cape Committee

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03 Dec 2019 Committee Minutes
28 Nov 2019 Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Bill: Department of Social Development
12 Nov 2019 Committee Report on 2018/ 19 Annual Report of the Department; Way forward on Children’s Commissioner; Western Cape Laws Repeal Bill
23 Oct 2019 Department of Social Development 2018/2019 Annual Report: discussion
08 Oct 2019 Timeline & schedule for appointment of Western Cape Commissioner for Children; Committee Reports
02 Oct 2019 Western Cape Children's Commissioner: publishing applicant names
13 Aug 2019 DSD on funding for Residential facilities of older persons; DHS on housing special needs policy
30 Jul 2019 Strategy to reduce child murders in Western Cape
16 Jul 2019 Department of Social Development 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan

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2019 9 meetings Attendance rate 81%
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Nomonde Jamce (Procedural Officer)
Tel: 021 487 1658

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