Social Assistance Amendment Bill: Negotiating Mandate

Social Development (WCPP)

06 October 2020
Chairperson: Mr G Bosman (DA)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Standing Committee on Social Development, 6 October 2020, 08:00
Social Assistance Amendment Bill B8 of 2018

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament’s Standing Committee on Social Development considered the negotiating mandate on the Social Assistance Amendment Bill in a virtual meeting. It agreed to vote in favour of the Bill with suggested amendments. The document would then be submitted to the NCOP.

Meeting report

Negotiating mandate on the Social Assistance Amendment Bill
The Chairperson informed Members the purpose of the meeting was to consider the negotiating mandate on the Social Assistance Amendment Bill.

Adv Andre Le Roux, WCPP Legal Advisor, indicated he had no issues to raise regarding the suggested amendments to the Bill

Mr Lionel van der Schyff, State Law Advisor, Western Cape Department of Premier, also stated he had no concerns to raise, but indicated there needs to be clarity with regard to procedures before the independent tribunal is appointed. He added the provincial legislature needed to be consulted on the appointment of the independent tribunal.

The Chairperson then took Members through the submissions of the Children’s Institute, Western Cape Commission for Children, and Commission for Gender Equality, page by page.

Mr R Mackenzie (DA) indicated the comments submitted by the three organisations were similar to the ones made by the Members of the Committee.

The Chairperson then went through the Social Assistance Amendment Bill, clause by clause. He stated most comments were supportive of the Bill.

Ms G Bakubaku-Vos (ANC) suggested Members should support the Bill and not make changes to it.

Mr Mackenzie pointed out the Committee has not yet accepted the Bill, but was in the process of making changes to the Bill.

Ms N Makamba-Botya (EFF) wanted to establish what the role of the Department of Social Development is when families face violence.

Mr Ceasar Sauls , Deputy Director for Social Relief Programme, Western Cape Department of Social Development, said there is assistance that is provided in the province which also includes the work of other departments like health and the City of Cape Town. He said the question from the Members required a comprehensive answer.

The Chairperson wanted to know from the procedural officer how the mandate was going to be submitted to the NCOP.

Ms Nomonde Jamce, procedural officer, explained that one document from the provincial Parliament with comments and suggested amendments would be submitted to the NCOP.

The Committee Members then unanimously agreed to support the Bill with suggested amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.






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