Children’s Amendment Bill: Final Mandate

Social Development (WCPP)

11 November 2022
Chairperson: Mr D Plato (DA)
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Meeting Summary


The Standing Committee considered and adopted its Final Mandate on the Children’s Amendment Bill [B18B-2020]. The Committee recommended that the House confers on the Western Cape’s delegation in the NCOP the authority to support the Bill.

Meeting report

The Chairperson welcomed all present in the meeting and made brief opening remarks.

No apologies were tendered.

The Chairperson said the purpose of the meeting was to consider and deliberate on the final mandate of the Children’s Amendment Bill [B18B-2020]. The Committee received input from the public and he remembered the first meeting which took place in the Chamber where Members already provided their inputs and these recommendations were incorporated in the submission to the NCOP as part of the negotiating mandate.

He reminded Members that in principle, the Committee supported the Bill with only a few amendments.

The further purpose of the meeting was for the Committee to decide whether to support the Bill or not after all necessary procedures had taken place.

The purpose of today’s meeting is to support or not support after the Committee had gone through all the necessary procedures. Ms Gillion (ANC), the chairperson of the NCOP Select Committee on Health and Social Services, was part of a meeting where deliberations on the Bill had taken place. The NCOP had considered the Negotiating mandates (see here) on the Children’s Amendment on 1 November and 10 November 2022. All parties and Members of the NCOP from across the country were present.

The Chairperson said the Committee must note that there is no option for further amendments as the Bill is now in the final mandate stage. It was just to indicate or not support.

The Chairperson asked the Committee what the way forward was with regard to supporting or not supporting the bill.

Ms W Philander (DA) referred to the parliamentary minutes that had been circulated and pointed out that she was present along with Mr C Fry (DA) and asked if this could be amended to reflect their presence. This was the meeting where Ms Gillon briefed all the Members. They could not make an amendment to the minutes but a note can be sent to the NCOP.

Mr Fry confirmed that he had attended the meeting..

The Chairperson said this would be communicated.

The Chairperson asked Members to indicate if they are in support or not so the NCOP can be alerted accordingly.

Adoption of Bill

Ms N Bakubaku-Vos supported the process and amendments.

Ms Philander seconded.

Committee Report on bill

The Chairperson said the Committee then needed to forward the final mandate of the report for adoption. The Standing Committee on Social Development, having considered the Children’s Amendment Bill [B18B-2020] NCOP referred to the Committee in terms of Standing Rule 217 recommends that the House confers on the Western Cape’s delegation in the NCOP the authority to support the Bill.

The Chairperson said the report is then considered and supported. No deliberation was necessary.

He asked the Committee’s Senior Procedural Officer, Mr Daza whether the correct procedure had been followed.

Mr Daza said this was correct and the Committee now needed to adopt the report.

Ms Bakubaku-Vos moved for the adoption of the report.

Ms Philander seconded the adoption of the report.

The Chairperson noted that the business of the day was concluded.

The meeting was adjourned.


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