That week in Parliament

The Week Ahead: The State of our Nation

It's a rapid descent towards the end of the year as MPs rush to finalise all urgent business. The endgame of the current parliamentary year is fast approaching. There are only six weeks left before Parliament rises and loose ends are gradually being ...

The Week Ahead: Mini-budget, Debates & Hearings top the agenda

An eclectic week of parliamentary action beckons in the main chambers and Committee corridor. The highlights include the mini-Budget, important debates, legislative business and high-profile Committee hearings. All eyes will be on the new Minister of ...

The Week Ahead: President, Annual Reports & Provincial Week Top Agenda

The major point of interest will come from the high-profile Question Time session with the President in the National Assembly chamber. The President will have his regular engagement with lawmakers on Thursday. In terms of the rules, these oral question ...

Audits, Annual Reports and BRRRs

Parliament will be particularly busy when it resumes business for the fourth and final term as it deals with the annual task of poring over the Annual Reports of Departments and public entities within the ambit of each parliamentary committee. Together ...

Final Quarter: Annual Report Season & MTBPS

  MPs head back to Parliament this week for the final term. This session runs for 8 weeks and will be packed with activities. Some of the highlights include committee, oversight and legislative work, oral questions to the Executive, important debates, ...

The Week Ahead: Debates on urgent matters of national public importance

The constituency period beckons with MPs in the National Assembly due to depart at the end of the week and return to Parliament on 8 October 2018.  The term for NCOP delegates will conclude a week later. There is no opportunity to go through the motions ...

The Week Ahead: Expropriation debate resumes in Parliament

It's a busy week in the main chambers. Everything from Executive Question Time, to debates, to legislative business, to statutory appointments and motions dominate the plenary agenda. In the NA, the main highlight is the oral question session with the ...

Legislation, Oversight and Executive Scrutiny top the agenda

The major points of interest in the National Assembly chamber will come from high-profile Question Time sessions and detailed legislating. On Thursday, the Deputy President will have his regular engagement with lawmakers when he appears to answer oral ...

The Week Ahead: An eclectic week of parliamentary action beckons

A combination of a heavy legislative load, the President's appearance, two conferences, debates and some important meetings, should mean plenty of fizz. The President's oral question session on Wednesday is the high point. The President is required to ...

The Week ahead: Third Term is Underway

Now that the National Assembly has also returned from constituency break (the NCOP resumed at the end of July), it feels like the real start of the new term. The third term will run for 5-8 weeks and will be packed with activities. Some of the highlights ...


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