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That week in Parliament

20 April 2020

The Week Ahead: Parliament resumes & focuses on COVID-19

Parliament has prioritized a schedule of virtual committee meetings, whose scope of oversight relates to government departments driving COVID-19 response measures. Initially, the Legislature, suspended its programme until further notice, issued...
15 April 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations: A summary

This blog unpacks the State of Disaster regulations and lockdown directives, focusing on the ones most likely to affect you, family, friends and the business or non-profit organisation you work for There have been many changes to the State of Disaster...
07 April 2020

Are Ministers attending parliamentary committee meetings? A look back at the start of the 6th Parliament (Jun-Dec 2019)

Committees take great exception when the political leadership in departments do not show up at meetings. Sometimes meetings get postponed as their presence is needed to answer high level policy questions. A clash of committee meetings with Cabinet...
03 April 2020

First Term Review of Parliament (28 January to 20 March)

The first term of Parliament was an action-packed and eventful period. The major highlights during the eight weeks of parliamentary activity include: SONA and the subsequent debates; delivery of the Budget Speech and its processing; oversight,...
17 March 2020

The Week Ahead: End of Term & Shortened Programme

Along with the rest of the country, Parliament is consumed by the coronavirus and much of this week’s planned programme had to be discarded. In his address on Sunday, the President prohibited non-essential gatherings of 100 people or more.  Given the...
13 March 2020

COVID-19: Parliamentary Oversight & Discussions

The Corona virus outbreak is having a significant and unprecedented effect across the global. As a result, countries have resorted to extraordinary measures to combat this grave public health emergency. As the virus became more prominent, Parliament...
09 March 2020

The Week ahead: Question Time & Joint Sitting

And just like that, it’s the penultimate week of the first term. Question Time is the main business in the NA chamber this week. The practice of oral questions is an established part of the parliamentary day and gives MPs an opportunity to question...
02 March 2020

The Week Ahead: Parliament Debates Corona Virus

There's a full and mixed flavour to the coming week's parliamentary business. The major points of interest will come from the Question Time sessions with the Executive, the debate on an urgent matter of national public importance and several...
02 March 2020

Dates: Provincial Budget Speech infographic

24 February 2020

Bills on the President’s desk

Does the President take too long to sign a bill into law? The ACDP’s Steve Swart seems to think so. In a recent National Assembly Programming Committee (NAPC) meeting he requested a list of legislation not yet signed by the President and pointed out...