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That week in Parliament

09 September 2019

The Week Ahead: Debates, Oral Questions & Important Hearings….

Last week, Parliament was the scene of mass protests as thousands took to the streets to protest against gender-based violence and the killing of young women and children.  The catalyst for the protests was the rape and murder of 19-year-old UCT...
02 September 2019

The Week Ahead: The economy, legislation and more in the spotlight...

We are mid-way through the second term and the programme has a familiar pattern this week: the legislature has scheduled committee meetings, oversight visits and sittings in the main chambers. A debate to commemorate National Women’s Day is a standing...
30 August 2019

NHI Timeline: Key dates and events

National Health Insurance timeline: Key dates and events The analyses and debates about the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill rage on following its introduction to Parliament early this month. The tabling of the Bill was long in coming as the...
26 August 2019

The Week Ahead: Week of parliamentary action

An eclectic week of parliamentary action beckons in the main chambers and Committee Corridor. A combination of Question Time sessions, a sectoral parliament, oversight visits, legislative business and a few high-profile Committee meetings, should mean...
8 things
23 August 2019

Eight things to look out for in Parliament for the rest of the year

With the first term of the Sixth Parliament having come and gone, and the better part of its programme having been dedicated to the induction of incoming Members, establishment of Committees as well as the passing of the budget, the remainder of 2019...
19 August 2019

The Week Ahead: MPs return & President appears

MPs head back to Parliament this week for the second term. This session runs for five weeks and will be packed with activities. Some of highlights include Committee and oversight work; oral questions to the Executive; important debates; training of...
07 August 2019

First Term Review: Sixth Parliament

Parliament’s first term ended last week. According to the programme, the term was 11 weeks but the main thrust of the work was compressed into the final 5 weeks of the quarter. A lot was done in this first term: new parliamentary leadership was...
01 August 2019

Training Members of Parliament

“Training must be integrated in our budget because it is absolutely crucial. We can see the value and even those people who have now left Parliament and gone through this support are absolutely grateful for the academic levels they have reached while...
29 July 2019

Government’s legislative priorities

The Constitution of South Africa empowers the Executive to prepare and initiate legislation. Similarly, Parliament (through its committees) and individual MPs also have initiating power but the vast majority of legislation (92%) is introduced by the...
29 July 2019

The Week Ahead: End of the First Term

A lot was packed into the first term of the Sixth Parliament. New Members were registered, sworn-in and received training. In addition, the legislature elected new leadership, had a second State of the Nation Address, set up structures, and assigned...