Question NW2870 to the Minister of Basic Education:

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11 December 2014 - NW2870

Profile picture: Lovemore, Ms AT

Lovemore, Ms AT to ask the Minister of Basic Education:

(1) With reference to her reply to question 958 on 18 September 2014, what are the steps in the process of planning to ensure that a sufficient number of Grade R practitioners obtain accredited qualifications in order to satisfy future demands; (2) what exactly she meant. with regard to her reply to paragraph (3) of question 958 that "Since Grade R has been identified as national priority 1 00% coverage of Grade R will be funded through the national fiscus"? NW3513E


(I) The Department of Basic Education has developed a comprehensive plan aimed at guiding the Provincial Education Departments on the Upgrading of Grade R practitioners. The plan clearly indicates options available for practitioners in different NQF levels and provides the admission requirement for each option.

PEDs have since identified practitioners and their qualification levels. From a total of 15 000 practitioners that are under-qualified, the DBE has set a target of 5 000 new practitioners per year to be supported to complete a qualification (either a BEd Foundation Phase or Diploma in grade R teaching). Currently. 3 400 (68%) practitioners have been enrolled in institutions to complete either the BEd or Diploma in Grade R teaching.

To increase the capacity of HEIs to offer the Diploma in Grade R teaching. The DBE has approached HE!s in each province the Provincial Teacher Education and Development Committees to offer the diploma. UNlSA, University of Johannesburg and University of Pretoria are in the process of developing this qualification. Currently. only four (4) institutions offer this qualification namely North West University, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, SANTS and Lyceum.

(2) The source of funding the expansion of Grade R has historically been the national fiscus and will continue to be so going forward. This funding is included in the equitable share transfers to provinces. Provinces are expected to, amongst others; prioritize the expansion of Grade R \Vi thin their provincial education budgets.

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