Question NW7 to the Minister of Basic Education:

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25 February 2015 - NW7

Profile picture: Madisha, Mr WM

Madisha, Mr WM to ask the Minister of Basic Education:

( I ) Whether, in view of the public controversy surrounding a certain person (name furnished) arising from the finding of the Public Protector that the said person had not been truthful about having matriculated and notwithstanding the kind of role model such a person may project, she proceeded to invite the person to speak to successful matriculants at the launch of the 2014 matriculation results; if not. what is the position in this regard, if so, (a) how and why did she arrive at the decision to invite the said person and (b) what is her position with regard to the person's statement to the matriculants at the launch that there are certificated people and educated people in the world; (2) whether it is her position that matric certification is unnecessary to one's education and should therefore not be striven for?


(a) The SABC owns the venue that was used for the announcement of the NSC 2014 results. The SABC, as a host organisation, therefore determines who represents the SABC at the event.

(b) The statement, in this particular instance, is taken out of context and therefore the Minister has no position on it.

(2) The National Senior Certificate is the most important qualification in the schooling sector and the Department of Basic Education is the custodian of this qualification and therefore the question posed in this case is irrelevant.

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