Question NW3423 to the Minister of Transport

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14 November 2017 - NW3423

Profile picture: Figlan, Mr AM

Figlan, Mr AM to ask the Minister of Transport

(a) What are the processes, procedures and mechanisms with regard to the issuing of small-scale and ad hoc work required to be done by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, (b) how is the work issued, (c) how are suppliers identified and decided upon, (d) what amount has been spent in this regard in each month in the past three financial years and (e) what was the nature of the work in each case?


a) All small-scale work is procured through quotation process for both CAPEX and OPEX. SME’s and suppliers registered on the database are invited to submit quotations for goods or services required. During 2014 financial year up to July 2016, PRASA supplier database was used to source quotations for small-scale and ad-hoc works such as unplanned maintenance. Since July 2016, the Central Supplier Database managed by National Treasury is used to source quotations for all small –scale works.

b) Invites are sent to suppliers registered on the Central Supplier Database to renders services or provide goods for OPEX and CAPEX. The supplier information is obtained from the Central Supplier Database.

c) On rotational basis, suppliers are selected from the Central Supplier Database and invited to quote for services or goods required by the business.

d) Refer to Annexure A.

e) The nature of work relates to repairs and maintenance, office stationer, cleaning services and property relates services. Refer to Annexure A