Question NW2348 to the Minister of Basic Education

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10 July 2015 - NW2348

Profile picture: Van Der Walt, Ms D

Van Der Walt, Ms D to ask the Minister of Basic Education

With reference to the presentation made to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on 2 June 2015 (a) what are the full details of each of the mobile schools, (b) how many learners are enrolled in each of the specified schools, (c) on what dates were each of the specified mobile schools established, (d) how many teachers are employed in each mobile school, (e) what is the reason for the establishment of the mobile schools and (f) for how long will the specified schools remain mobile schools?



(a) See attached spread sheet

(b) See attached spread sheet

(c) See attached spread sheet

(d) See attached spread sheet

(e) Schools build of prefabricated modular structures are constructed when schools are urgently required to avoid/ reduce overcrowding of existing schools or to avoid a situation where the Department will not be able to accommodate learners at all, especially at the beginning of an academic year.

(f) Many of these schools are in excellent to fair conditions and there is no reason to replace these particular schools at this stage. There is no fixed date by when these schools will be replaced as the replacement is determined by the condition of the structures. The planned dates for the replacement of those specific schools that require replacement are indicated on the attached spread sheet.

The responses from three provinces are still outstanding and these will be provided as soon as they are received.