Question NW2130 to the Minister of Basic Education

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29 July 2015 - NW2130

Profile picture: Van Der Walt, Ms D

Van Der Walt, Ms D to ask the Minister of Basic Education

With reference to the expenditure on payments of the National Teacher Awards ceremony for 2014-15, (a) what total amount was spent on this event, (b) how was this amount made up, (c) what is the amount overspent on the event, (d) what is the reason for the over-expenditure and (e) who authorised the over-expenditure?



(a) R22.2 million

(b) The amount of R22.2 million was spent on the following:

  • 2014 Build-up process costs (transportation, accommodation, adjudication training, provincial ceremonies,
  • The 15th Annual NTA event: Transportation, Printing and Distribution costs, accommodation, prizes, audio-visual, catering and related event costs.
  • Corporate gifts for the national event;
  • Sign language interpreters for the national event;
  • Television production for the national event; and
  • Advocacy for the national event and travel agency and professional conference organiser fees.

(c) Over-expenditure amounted to R6 488 396,57

(d) The overspending on this programme is due to the fact that the NTAs expenditure was higher than the available funds for the period under review. The NTA has been earmarked as a critical instrument for the acknowledgement and advocacy attached to the strategic priority to support the professionalisation of teachers at all levels, across the curriculum, and focuses on the inclusion of all learners and teachers within the sector. The 15th Annual NTA was utilised to elevate and celebrate all teachers across the country that serve South Africa.

(e) The R6 488 396.57 over-expenditure was approved by the Acting Director-General of the Department of Basic Education after all due procedures for approval had been followed in order to ensure that the objectives of the NTA were met.

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