Question NW1739 to the Minister of Basic Education

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05 June 2015 - NW1739

Profile picture: Grootboom, Mr GA

Grootboom, Mr GA to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1) Whether the officials from the Northern Cape Education Department that were implicated in ghost guest payments at Ous Meisies Lodge, Kimberley, have been suspended; if not, what action has she taken with regard to these officials; (2) what measures will she take to prevent a recurrence of such fraud in the future? NW1957E


1. The Northern Cape Department of Education reported that they are awaiting the outcome of the investigation from the South African Police Services (SAPS) in order to make an informed decision regarding sanctions for those officials found to be liable of misconduct. Investigation by the SAPS is still in progress.

2. Numerous internal controls have been introduced in Supply Chain Management in the past few years to ensure that the possibility of fraud and corruption is kept to a minimum; if it does take place it becomes clearly detectable. The details of the actual transgressions have, however, not yet been shared by the SAPS.


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Northern Cape: Education Department

DATE: 2015/08/25

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