Question NW1745 to the Minister of Public Service and Administration

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01 July 2021 - NW1745

Profile picture: Komane, Ms RN

Komane, Ms RN to ask the Minister of Public Service and Administration

What (a) were the reasons given by the Northern Cape regarding the request for condonation on submission on Performance Agreement Compliance and (b) measures has his department put in place with regard to provinces missing deadlines?


a) The Northern Cape Provincial Government complied with the due date of 31 October 2020 on the signing of PAs for the 2020/2021 performance cycle as set by DPSA Circular 32 02 2020. There was therefore, no reasons required.

b) The performance management and development system (PMDS) prescribe the specific measures for dealing with non-compliance on the signing of PAs including:

  • Empowering Executive Authorities and Heads of Department to take appropriate disciplinary action against employees who fail to comply with the PMDS; and
  • Disqualifying any employee who fails to comply from participating in any performance incentive, i.e. pay progression and performance bonuses;

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) monitors compliance to these policy prescripts and issues compliance notices. Advocacy meetings are also held with FOSAD and Provincial Executive Councils led by Premiers to highlight areas of concern. If a Department is highlighted to have consistently failed to comply, the Minister also has the option to escalate the matter to the President.


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