Question NW1021 to the Minister of Public Service and Administration

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13 November 2019 - NW1021

Profile picture: Schreiber, Dr LA

Schreiber, Dr LA to ask the Minister of Public Service and Administration

Noting that his department is currently reviewing the Ministerial Handbook for the second time this year, (a) by what date will his department finalise the second revision and (b) what are the (i) substantive areas within the Handbook that are currently under review and (ii) further relevant details?


The Cabinet has directed that the Ministers of Finance, Public Works and Infrastructure and Public Service and Administration further engage on the financial implications of the Guide for Members of the Executive (referred to as the Ministerial Handbook).

a) The engagements have been finalised and proposals are being considered by the President and it is expected to be concluded shortly.

b) (i) The substantive matters that the Cabinet identified are-

  • Vehicle purchases for official use;
  • Tariffs in relation to privately owned vehicles used for official business by Members;
  • Residential upgrades; and
  • Staffing in Ministerial Offices.

(ii) Further details will be provided once decisions on any revisions are effected.


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