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Western Cape Committee

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03 Sep 2021 CASIDRA on findings raised by AGSA
27 Aug 2021 SMME Booster Fund; Implementation of Economic Procurement Policy in WC
25 Jun 2021 Department of Agriculture on food security; Department of Community Safety on Vision Inspired Priority
18 Jun 2021 Human Settlements risks & municipal inspections; Local Content procurement
09 Jun 2021 AGSA on audit outcome of Department of Health 2019/20 Annual Report; with Minister
04 Jun 2021 Departments on mechanism to monitor and manage contingent liabilities recorded in 2019/20; Societal impact of food parcels distribution

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2021 19 meetings Attendance rate 82%
2020 9 meetings 88%
2019 17 meetings 78%
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Procedural Officer

Dustin Davids (Committee Co-ordinator)
Tel: 021 487 1683

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