Committee Resolutions Report on 2019/20 Annual Reports of WC government departments and entities

Public Accounts (SCOPA) (WCPP)

25 March 2021
Chairperson: Mr L Mvimbi (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Public Accounts Committee, 25 March 2021, 11:15

The Public Accounts Committee considered and adopted its reports relating to resolutions of the 2019/20 annual report hearings and second quarter activities. The Committee then adopted various sets of minutes and approved a letter to be sent to Mr B Herron (GOOD).

Meeting report

Committee Resolutions Report 2019/20 Annual Report hearings

The Chairperson stated he assumed Members had read the report.

The report was adopted with no amendments.

Second Quarter Activity Committee Report

The Committee procedural officer took the Members through the document, page-by-page.

The report was adopted with no amendments.

Adoption of Committee minutes

The minutes were adopted in one batch.

Pre-emptive and Preventative Measures Workshop

The Chairperson asked Members if they would be willing to participate in the workshop because it provides training to Members about the Auditor-General audit reports and financial quarterly reports, and how to deal with administrative matters relating to preventing fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

Mr D America (DA) suggested Members should take part in the workshop.

Ms M Maseko (DA) supported the suggestion.

Letter to be sent to Mr B Herron (GOOD)

Mr America proposed the letter to be sent to Mr Herron.

Ms Maseko supported the proposition.

The letter would be sent with minor amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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