Question NW421 to the Minister of Health

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20 August 2018 - NW421

Profile picture: Mathys, Ms L

Mathys, Ms L to ask the Minister of Health

(a) Why are mothers of newborn babies allegedly sleeping on bloodstained mattresses on the floor in overcrowded wards at Bophelong Hospital in the North West and (b) what steps will he take in this regard?


a) Since the closure of the theatre in Lehurutshe Hospital due to upgrading, all caesarean sections are referred to the hospital previously known to be Bophelong Hospital (currently known as Mafikeng Provincial Hospital). The Hospital has since experienced patient overflow. The Hospital was initially called Bophelong Hospital as it was in the same grounds with a mental health hospital named as such, which was now moved to a new location. The remaining facility is now renamed Mahikeng.

Further, due to insufficient supply of linen savers as a result of insufficient budget, some mattresses were blood-stained during deliveries, however the institution has motivated for increase of supply to the section as the demand dictates.

b) The following measures have been put in place:

(i) Exension of the maternity ward into the obstetrics theatre to increase space to accommodate more patients;

(ii) Allocation of additional beds to replace floor beds;

(iii) Close monitoring of the project in Lehurutshe Hospital to accelerate completion of theatre.


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