Question NW1260 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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19 June 2018 - NW1260

Profile picture: Mazzone, Ms NW

Mazzone, Ms NW to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

1. By what date will Eskom reinstitute its transparent and accountable power system status reporting which was stopped during the tenure of a certain person (name and details furnished); (2) what is the current level of coal supplied to Eskom by the (a) Arnot, (b) Camden, (c) Hendrina, (d) Komati, (e) Kriel, (f) Majuba and (g) Tutuka mines; (3) whether there is sufficient coal to supply Eskom’s needs for the remainder of the year; if not, what is Eskom’s plan to provide sufficient coal for its power stations?



On 7 June 2018 Eskom launched the weekly system status report. This report, which is hosted on Eskom’s website, gives a weekly view of energy sent out, peak demand, performance of generating units in terms of the energy availability factor (EAF) and an outlook of three months ahead. Eskom’s media statement is attached.


The current level of coal supplied to the specified power stations is provided in the Table 1 below.

Table 1: Coal supply for April 2018

Power Station

April 2018 coal supply (kilo tonnes)
















Currently Eskom does not have sufficient coal supply for the remainder of the year.

Eskom is currently negotiating tenders for 100Mt of coal that is required for the next five years. Eskom has issued 9 other RFP’s since 1 April 2017 to procure additional coal for different power stations. Apart from a number of contracts already being concluded and delivery of coal commenced, various other agreements are in different stages of conclusion.

Plans in place to improve coal stockpile levels at the six power stations that are below the minimum stock level include the following:

  • Limit production at these critical stations – off peak and weekend units shut down.
  • Coal transfers away from destination stations with healthier stock level – monitored and optimized daily.
  • Limit performance deviation of the rest of the fleet, including new build.
  • Conclude interim coal supply agreements with the Tegeta Business Rescue Practitioners, to enable coal supply to Hendrina Power Station.

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