Question NW1459 to the Minister of Arts and Culture”

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04 June 2018 - NW1459

Profile picture: Wilson, Ms ER

Wilson, Ms ER to ask the Minister of Arts and Culture”

1. Whether, with reference to the reply of the State President, Mr C M Ramaphosa the debate on the State of the Nation Address on 22 February 2018 to implement lifestyle audits, (a) he, (b) senior management services members in his department and (c) any of the heads of entities reporting to him have undergone lifestyle audit in the past three financial years; if not, have any plans been put in place to perform such audits; if so, what are the details of the (i) date of the lifestyle audit, (ii) name of the person undergoing the audit, (iii)name of the auditing firm conducting the audit and (iv) outcome of the audit; 2. whether he will furnish Ms E R Wilson with copies of the lifestyle audit reports?


1. The Departmental Internal Audit unit works on an approved plan and the same with forensic through allegations. Accordingly, a lifestyle audit would be prompted through an allegation or from an assessment that would follow from the financial disclosures that the National Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) does and this would come through Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services who is responsible for disclosures.

2. No lifestyle audit has been done in the last three financial years.

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