Question NW1256 to the Minister of Labour

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21 May 2018 - NW1256

Profile picture: Majola, Mr TR

Majola, Mr TR to ask the Minister of Labour

What number of jobs have been (a) created and (b) saved through Productivity SA in the past three financial years?


a)  Productivity SA’s mandate is not to create jobs. It is important to carefully note that Productivity SA’s mandate is to assist companies in distress through its programmes, such as Work Place Challenge and Turn Around Solutions to sustain and save jobs. Therefore, there are no jobs created by Productivity SA in the past 3 financial years.

b) In the past 3 financial years Productivity SA had a total of 1 797 (One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Seven) companies ranging from small to large corporates participated in the Workplace Challenge Programme and managed to assist in sustaining just over 143 429 (One Hundred and forty Three Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Nine) jobs.

Furthermore during the period in question Productivity SA assisted just over 163 (One Hundred and Sixty Three) companies through the Turnaround Solutions Programme and managed to save a total of 20 251 (Twenty Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One) jobs.

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