Question NW3499 to the Minister of Transport

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28 November 2017 - NW3499

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)Whether the rotary uninterrupted back-up power supply support engine of the rail signalling system of the Gauteng Nerve Centre (GNC) is functional; if not, by which date will it be functional; (2) (a) what number of the GNC’s 92 train stations have been commissioned with the new Siemens electronic interlocking system and (b) why were the specified stations commissioned with the specified system; (3) whether the GNC’s central traffic control centre satellite system is functional; if not, (a) what will the effect be on the operations of the GNC and (b) by which date will it be functional?


  1. Yes, the GNC rotary generator is functional and working very well.
  2. (a)(b) To date, 20 stations are equipped with the new signalling electronic interlocking system. (b) The stations are commissioned with this new interlocking system to improve safety, reliability and operational flexibility.
  3. The GNC traffic control is functional. To date, the GNC operates the Irene, Olifantsfontein, Kaalfontein, Leralla and Tembisa corridor on a new signaling system. Currently, PRASA is moving the southern line which includes Midway – Residensia Corridor into the GNC. More stations will follow and be operated at the GNC once they are equipped with the new signaling system.


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