Question NW3686 to the Minister in the Presidency

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21 November 2017 - NW3686

Profile picture: Motau, Mr SC

Motau, Mr SC to ask the Minister in the Presidency

With reference to the high expenditure on consultants in the Presidency’s 2016-17 annual report, what steps has the Presidency taken to curb the use of consultants since 1 April 2017, particularly for work that could easily be performed by the Presidency’s employees?


In instances where consultants have been used, the expenditure has been reduced by using negotiated rates. The remuneration rate at which consultants are appointed is below the standard rate. The Presidency also cuts the number of hours of work where possible as a further initiative. In areas with less capacity constraints transfer of skills is applied. Furthermore, the Department is reviewing the structure to identify collaborations with an objective of increasing efficiency. A Consultancy reduction strategy was implemented in 2015 to ensure constant monitoring of consultant costs.

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