Question NW320 to the Minister of Transport

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06 March 2017 - NW320

320Mr M S F de Freitas to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)With reference to her reply to question 2245 on 22 November 2016, what were the costs for personal security provided for the (a) Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and (b) CEO of the Road Traffic Management Corporation in each specified financial year;


1.    (a) Security to the then Acting Chief Executive Officer was provided by a private company at a cost R158 118 per month

       (b) Security to the current CEO of the RTMC is provided by members of the National Traffic Police, who are already employees of the Corporation. The Corporation incurs only their salary and related costs.


2.     (a) The details of risk assessment are available and can be accessed from the relevant law enforcement agency that conducted the assessment.

        (b) The assessment was conducted by the South African Police Crime Intelligence.

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