Question NW2403 to the Minister of Transport

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29 November 2016 - NW2403

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)Whether she has taken any steps to curb the transportation of persons, particularly children, in (a) light duty vehicles, (b) panel vans, (c) trailers, (d) heavy duty trucks and/or (e) any other similar vehicles; if not, what is the position in each case; if so, (i) what are the relevant details and (ii) how is her department collaborating with (aa) provincial and (bb) local authorities in this regard; (2) how many arrests have been made in each province for each month in the past three financial years in this regard?


1. (a)-(e) Amendments to the National Road Traffic regulation 250 were published in November prohibiting the transportation of children and other persons in goods compartment of motor vehicle for reward.

 (i) The amendments stipulates that: No person shall on a public road convey school children in the goods compartment of a motor vehicle for reward

 (ii) No person shall convey any other person in the goods compartment of a motor vehicle for reward provided that the provision of this sub-regulation shall not apply in respect of a vehicle which complies with the provisions of the National Land Transportation Act.

(aa) provincial and

(bb) local authorities will have to implement the new amendments with effect from 11 May 2017

2. No arrests have yet been made as the regulations have not come into effect.

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