Question NW3678 to the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

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22 November 2023 - NW3678

Profile picture: Ngcobo, Mr S

Ngcobo, Mr S to ask the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

What are the reasons that his department has been failing to meet the target for student enrollment at community education and training colleges since the 2019-20 financial year?


The main reasons for low student enrollment at Community Education and Training (CET) Colleges are associated with lack of physical infrastructure including Information and Communication Technology, and inadequate funding. 95% of Community Learning Centres of the Community Colleges operate in Basic Education infrastructure which leaves a very low number of those that operate on their own site.

To resolve this challenge of inadequate infrastructure, the Department has started with the process of acquiring physical infrastructure for colleges. In addition to funding set aside for new buildings, discussions are underway with the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to identify underutilised public buildings for the sole use of CET colleges.

The current funding for CET colleges is R2.8 billion, for which R2.6 billion caters for compensation of employees and R211.6 million for operations of colleges (subsidy). The CET sector is allocated 2% of the total PSET budget. The current allocation is thus unable to cater for the proposed needs of the CET sector.

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