Question NW2084 to the Minister of Transport

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30 June 2023 - NW2084

Profile picture: Sithole, Mr KP

Sithole, Mr KP to ask the Minister of Transport

With regard to the recent approval of the application of Karpowership to access the Ports of Ngqura, Durban and Saldanha Bay for a period of 20 years which is expected to assist in the reduction of load shedding in the Republic, (a) what measures will she employ to ensure that the specific project will not be marred by corruption and (b) how long will it take for the public to see the positive impact of the project?


In terms of the National Ports Act No. 12 of 2005, Section 79 (1) The Minister may, in writing, direct the Authority to perform a specified act within the Authority’s power or not to perform a specified act, if such direction is necessary of the-

  1. to safeguard the national security of the Republic;

  2. promote the national, strategic or economic interests of the Republic; or to;

  3. discharge an international obligation of the Republic.”

The Minister of Transport therefore is not the custodian of the project itself as that project falls under the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. It is therefore advisable that the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy respond to these specific questions.