Question NW2197 to the Minister of Social Development

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05 July 2023 - NW2197

Profile picture: Abrahams, Ms ALA

Abrahams, Ms ALA to ask the Minister of Social Development

(1)Whether, with regard to children who were receiving foster care grants while in the care of relatives prior to the passing and assent of the Social Assistance Act, Act 59 of 1992, and regulations pertaining to the child support top-up grant, the specified children are still receiving a foster care grant and the full value of said grant; if not, why not; if so,


  1. Yes, eligible children continue to receive the full value of the Foster Care Grant, as per Child Support Grant Top-Up Policy which was adopted by Cabinet in 2015. The Policy emphasised that all orphans already in the court ordered foster care will remain in the system and will not be affected by the introduction of the CSG Top-Up. This is because it is constitutionally regressive to take the provision away from children who are already receiving it.
  1. No. The provision of the grant is only applicable to new applicants with effect from date when the provision came into operation.
  1. (a) As of May 2023, there were 289 139 Foster Care Grant and 43 135 beneficiaries children on the Child Support Grant Top-Up beneficiaries nationally.