Question NW2196 to the Minister of Social Development

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05 July 2023 - NW2196

Profile picture: Abrahams, Ms ALA

Abrahams, Ms ALA to ask the Minister of Social Development

What number of (a) persons and (b) households that receive a social grant have been linked to (i) permanent and/or (ii) temporary economic and employment opportunities through her department since 1 January 2019 to date in each province and for each type of grant?


  1. (i) (ii) To date, 49 449 persons and 12 362 households receiving social grants have been linked to economic and employment opportunities. Not possible to provide detailed information at this stage as current data collection and analysis is not disaggregated accordingly to these categories.

The DSD Portfolio is working with the FinMark Trust on piloting the “Generating Better Livelihoods for Grant Recipients” initiative to link social grants beneficiaries to sustainable livelihoods opportunities through employment, skills development and social entrepreneurship. The project’s primary target is Child Support Grant and will be extended to other grant types.