Question NW345 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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08 March 2023 - NW345

Profile picture: Madlingozi, Mr BS

Madlingozi, Mr BS to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

(a). What are the reasons that there are so many acting Directors in his department, (b). how does he monitor the work that the acting directors are doing and (c). who will take the responsibilities when directors in his department are mostly acting? NW360E


(a). The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture has a total number of forty-eight (48) Director positions and forty-four (44) are permanently filled and only four (04) are vacant, therefore only four (04) Directors are acting capacity.

(b). The appointed acting Directors have signed a performance agreement with their respective Chief Directors and therefore, the Chief Director and Deputy Director-General monitor the work of the Directorate and the Branch.

(c). There are departmental Human Resources (HR) delegations signed by the Executive Authority, outlining responsibilities of all Senior Management Staff (SMS) members including the Directors appointed to take responsibilities in their field of work.

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