Question NW1340 to the Minister if Sport, Arts and Culture

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04 June 2021 - NW1340

Profile picture: Lotriet, Prof  A

Lotriet, Prof A to ask the Minister if Sport, Arts and Culture

(a) Who were the auditors of the SA Sports Trust for each financial year since its inception, (b)(i) what amount of COVID-19 funds did the SA Sports Trust receive and (ii) how was it spent and (c) what are the reasons that the 2019-20 Annual Report has not been uploaded onto the SA Sport Trust website?


a) The auditors of The Sports Trust since its inception until end financial year 2018 was KPMG. From 2019 to date SizweNtsalubaGobodo-Grant Thornton Inc. has been the auditors as appointed.

b) {i} Covid-19 funds received R10,281,000.00

{ii} The spend has been as per the directive of DSAC to pay the beneficiaries as selected by DSAC through the Department’s governance processes.

c) Delays with the audit completion of the 2019-20 Annual Report was partially due to Covid-19 and the sudden death of the late Financial Consultant, Mr. Lawrence Van Heerden in September, which impacted on their auditioning cycle. The Sports Trust was required to secure a replacement to manage and lead the audit process together with the Executive Director and the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. The audit was completed in March 2021 and presented to the Board for approval.  Thereafter the finalization process of the Annual Report was completed and then circulated to the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee for review, and then final review by the Board. The Annual Report is earmarked for Website upload by 31st May 2021.

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