Question NW561 to the Minister of Social Development

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23 March 2021 - NW561

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Opperman, Ms G to ask the Minister of Social Development

(1)With reference to the children's amendment bill relating to adoption services and in light of the fact that the Republic has had about 700 inter-country adoptions in the past five years, what mechanisms and/or measures are in place to monitor the safety of children in their adopted countries to prevent human trafficking; 2) what steps have been (a) taken against service providers who did not comply with the legal accreditation requirements in the past and/or (b) implemented to rectify the situation?


1. The South African Central Authority have put measures in place to prevent child trafficking by entering into inter-country adoption working agreements with foreign countries. In the working agreements there are post adoption services that are expected to be rendered by the accredited foreign adoption agencies for a period of five years to the children and adoptive families.

The foreign accredited adoption agencies are expected to compile post adoption reports twice in the first year then annually which are forwarded to the SA accredited adoption agencies and the SA Central Authority. Engagements on progress are in place on the wellbeing, adjustment and functioning of children and their families.

The Central Authority and the accredited child protection organizations do visit the foreign adoption agencies, Central Authorities and adoptive families to ensure compliance to post adoption measures. During the financial year 2019/2020, some of the officials from the Central Authority and accredited CPO visited Belgium and Denmark.

(2) (a) There are no steps that were taken against any service provider as they all complied with the legal accreditation requirements, none of the service provider will be allowed to provide adoption services if they are non-compliant.

(b) No steps were taken to rectify as the applicants complied with the legal requirements.

National Assembly Written Reply: 561 of 2021


Approved by the Minister of Social Development


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