Question NW2747 to the Minister of Transport

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01 December 2020 - NW2747

Profile picture: Sonti, Ms NP

Sonti, Ms NP to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether his department and/or the SA National Roads Agency has any plans to build roads in Phokwane in the Northern Cape; if not, why not; if so, what are the further relevant details?


SANRAL jurisdiction is limited to the declared national road network of South Africa. In terms of vicinity of Phokwane in the Northern Cape, National Route N18 Section 1 from Warrenton to the NC/NW Border with a total length of 54,6 km, falls under SANRAL.

The following two major development and improvement projects for this portion of N18/1 has been approved in SANRAL MTEF budget:

  1. N18 Section 1: Warrenton - Vaal-Harts (27,0 km in length) – Magareng Local Municipality
  2. N18 Section 1: Vaal-Harts - NC/NW Border (27.6 km in length) - Phokwane Local Municipality.

For both projects the procurement of Engineering Services will commence during the 2021/22 financial year. The design period is scheduled for 2 years, with construction commencing during the second half of 2023. The scope of works for both projects entail the reconstruction of road pavement layers, the widening of the road width to at least 13,4 metres, construction of passing lanes, the upgrade of all major intersections and the provision of non-motorised transport infrastructure such as formalised footpaths/cycleways and public transport drop off and pick up facilities. As with all SANRAL projects, each of these projects will also incorporate a community development project that focus on priorities identified based on inputs from the community.

The estimate costs of the projects are approximately R920 million (R460 million each), with minimum of 30% of work going to sub-contractors. It is anticipated that these projects will bring much needed economic opportunities and improved road safety to the Local Municipalities and surrounds.

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