Question NW2496 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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13 November 2020 - NW2496

Profile picture: Chirwa, Ms NN

Chirwa, Ms NN to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

Why has the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) ignored the case of a certain person (name furnished), who was unfairly dismissed by the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Trust and lodged a case with the CCMA, case number WEGE4091-19?


The matter was conciliated on 12 December 2019.

The request for Arbitration was received late and the applicant applied for condonation, which was granted on 26 May 2020. The arbitration was scheduled and heard on 1 July 2020 where the applicant was in attendance.

The Commissioner found that the respondent, Tsitsikamma Forest Village Trust, had not dismissed the applicant, Mr. Mzinosi Ntentile, as alleged by the applicant in his referral of his dispute to the CCMA. The Commissioner found further that the applicant’s employment had in fact, come to an end, when his fixed term contract had ended in August 2019. The Arbitration Award was issued and served on 13 July 2020.


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