Question NW1227 to the Ministerof Transport

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03 September 2020 - NW1227

Profile picture: Mey, Mr P

Mey, Mr P to ask the Ministerof Transport

(1)Whether his department purchased any goods and/or services below the amount of R500 000 connected to the Covid-19 pandemic; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what (a) is the names of each company from which the specified goods and/or services were purchased, (b) is the amount of each transaction and (c) was the service and/or product that each company rendered; (2) whether there was any deviation from the standard supply chain management procedures in the specified transactions; if so, (a) why and (b) what are the relevant details in each case; (3) what were the reasons that the goods and/or services were purchased from the specified companies; (4) whether he will make a statement on the matter?


1. Procurement of Covid19 related goods below R 500 000:


Name of Service Provider








Way 2 Go It Solutions

R465 000,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use


Moloko Family Holdings

R141 940,00

Public Transport: Activation at Taxi Ranks



R19 300,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)



R26 569,14

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)



R51 750,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)



R9 000,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)



R6 000,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)


Cherry Pickles

R175 500,00

Ministry: Outreach and DLTC's: Face Shields and Sanitizers


Morerishi Travel

R90 000,00

Ministry: Outreach and DLTC's: Face Shields and Sanitizers


Tshwane Running Shop

R22 000,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)


Tshebis Projects

R16 900,00

PPE for DOT officials/internal use (Multiple Award)


Consumer Connectedness

R128 604.00

Disinfecting of Building


Rimone Wako Mzantsi


Disinfecting of Building

(2)(a) The Department did not foresee the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic at the commencement of the previous financial year and had therefore not budgeted for the pandemic nor planned for any tenders in the Annual Procurement Plan related hereto. However, The Department had followed all the available prescripts by the National Treasury in the COVID-19 procurement processes.

Quotations were sourced in line with the provisions of the relevant Treasury instructions and a process of multiple award approach was utilised to meet the necessary volumes requested in the distributions for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Wear

(2)(b) A report was provided of a positive Covid19 case at the Department, and Facilities Management requested that the entire building be disinfected urgently. Four companies who had provided quotes for other Covid-19related services to the Department was approached and requested to provide a quote within two (2) hours. The deviation is that under normal circumstances suppliers are given three (3) to seven (7) days to respond to quotations. In this circumstances in with the need to have the building functional as soon as possible, suppliers were given period of two hours to respond. This however is in line with provision of the Treasury Instruction Note No.5 of 2020-2021.

(3) Companies are listed under the required commodities on CSD. Quotes were received from multiple companies, and the award was done based on ranking for either price or price and preference (in cases where preference points were claimed).

(4) If the house deems it appropriate, the Minister will make a statement, but does not see any necessity at this stage.

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