Question NW1810 to the Minister of Health

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21 August 2020 - NW1810

Mathulelwa, Ms B to ask the Minister of Health

What steps has he taken to ensure that the Maluti Clinic in Matatiele is fully capacitated with (a) staff and (b) medical supplies in order to prevent patients from being sent back to their homes every day?


There is no Maluti Clinic in Matatiele, but there is Maluti Community Health Centre which provides 24 hour services.

(a) The Department appointed an Operations Manager for Maluti Community Health Centre in September 2019 to provide leadership in the facility. The CHC manager oversees and manages all the operations of the Centre which has already resulted in less complaints being lodged than before. Professional nurses’ vacancies are replaced as and when they are vacated. In 2020, the Department appointed six (6) professional nurses, three (3) of which are Specialised Primary Health Care nurses. This brings the total number of staffing to: One (1) Operational Manager, 26 professional nurses, one (1) doctor, one (1) pharmacist, and two (2) pharmacy assistants. The facility is expecting a dentist to be commencing at the beginning of September 2020. There are 20 Community Health Workers (CHWs) who do general work who are appointed on contract basis under the COVID-19 project.

(b) Medical supplies are monitored daily through stock visibility which is an electronic system monitored by a pharmacist. The status as of 4 August 2020 is that:





Tracer Drugs




All these are efforts that have been made to improve the capacity of Maluti Community Health Centre on both staff and medical supplies in order to prevent patients from being sent back to thier homes every day.


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