Question NW1697 to the Minister of Basic Education  to ask the Minister of Basic Education

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17 August 2020 - NW1697

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Julius, Mr J to ask the Minister of Basic Education  to ask the Minister of Basic Education

Whether any educators with comorbidities have reported for duty at Gauteng schools as at 15 July 2020; if not, what are the relevant details; if so, (a) what number of educators with comorbidities are currently reporting for duty at schools in the province, (b) what are the reasons the specified educators are still reporting for duty and (c) what are the scientific reasons that these educators do not remain at home because of their comorbidities?


(a) There are currently 174 educators in Gauteng who have  reached an agreement with the principal to be accommodated at the workplace.    

(b) The management of work arrangements of educators with comorbidities in the sector is regulated through the Education Labour Relations Council Collective Agreement 1 of 2020. According to the agreement, the Principal or the Circuit Manager (in cases where the Principal is the applicant)  must agree on the stipulated options of work arrangements available, one of which is an agreement that the educator can report to school subject to strict safety measures. These measures include that the educator must be accommodated in a restricted area at school where they will not be exposed to lengthy contact with the rest of the school community and that their commute to and from the workplace must be safe e.g. use private transport.

(c) As indicated above, the work arrangement where an educator with comorbidity reports to school is only allowed under a strict protocol, that limits any lengthy exposure to other staff and learners.

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