Question NW351 to the Minister of Basic Education

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04 August 2020 - NW351

Profile picture: Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI

Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI to ask the Minister of Basic Education

Whether there are any (a) district directors, (b) managers and (c) institutional development and support officials in each specified district who have been appointed without the requisite levels of experience of running or managing schools; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what (i) is the total number in each case and (ii) are the further relevant details; (2) what number of the (a)(i) directors and (ii) deputy directors are employed at (aa) the national head office of her department and (bb) each provincial head office and (b) specified officials were former principals at schools?


1. The information requested is not available in the Department of Basic Education but rather in the respective Provincial Education Departments. In terms of Section 3(7)(a) of the Public Service Act, 1994 (Proclamation 103 of 1994) the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) in a province determines districts’ public service staff establishment and also determines the educator staff establishment in terms of Section 5(1) of the Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act 76 of 1998). The honourable member is requested to direct the question to the provinces

2(aa) (National Department)

2(a)(i) 49 (Directors)

2(a)(ii) 134 (Deputy Directors)

2(b) Former principals:

8 Directors

3 Deputy Directors

bb. This information is available at the national department and should be directed to the provinces.

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