Question NW1146 to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

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02 July 2020 - NW1146

Profile picture: Denner, Ms H

Denner, Ms H to ask the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

(1) Whether his department purchased any goods and/or services below the amount of R500 000 connected to the Covid-19 pandemic; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what (a) is the name of each company from which the specified goods and/or services were purchased, (b) is the amount of each transaction and (c) was the service and/or product that each company rendered; (2) whether there was any deviation from the standard supply chain management procedures in the specified transactions; if so, (a) why and (b) what are the relevant details in each case; (3) what were the reasons that the goods and/or services were purchased from the specified companies; (4) whether he will make a statement on the matter? NW1446E


  1. Yes, the Department purchased goods below the amount of R500 000.00.

Name of company


Amount of each transaction


Service and/or product rendered



R14 173.45

500 surgical masks


R41 021.88



R20 100.00

1 200 surgical masks

Biologica Pharmaceuticals

R53 300.00

2 000 surgical masks


R23 000.00

10 infrared thermometers

Womens Edition

R135 000.00

5 litre x 500 sanitisers

Maxitrade 48 General Trading

R126 500.00

5000 cloth masks

Maanda-nes investments

R429 000.00

Decontamination for 12 months

Lechoba Medical Technologies

R13 179.00

200 safety goggles to protect eyes

Training and Consulting

R27 500.00

500 face shield

Kgosigadi Health Solution

R84 604.26

First Aid room goods

Blax Interactive Trading

R96 887.50

Pedal operated sanitisers

Mutanzhela Bidvest Services

R285 000.00

Auto Dispenser, sanitisers x12 months for monthly delivery and refill

(2) Yes, there was a deviation from the standard supply chain management procedures for the procurement of sanitisers.

a) Quotations were sourced immediately after the President announced the Covid-19 National State of Disaster and there was no stock available from other prospective suppliers.

b) Sanitisers for an amount of R41 021.88 were procured from Bidvest.

(3) Most of the purchases were done via the National Treasury Convid-19 contract list.

(4) No statement will be made on the matter.

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