Question NW2170 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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14 October 2015 - NW2170

Profile picture: Brauteseth, Mr TJ

Brauteseth, Mr TJ to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

Is her department currently involved in a work exchange and/or employment agreement with the Republic of Cuba; if so, (a) what number of Cuban nationals (i) are currently employed and (ii) are due to be employed by her department, (b) what specific work roles are envisaged for the Cuban nationals, (c) what are the specific skill sets of each of the Cuban nationals (i) currently employed and (ii) due to be employed, (d) what are the details of the process followed to ensure that the same skill set was or is not available in the country and amongst South African citizens and (e) what is the total cost of the (i) employment or (ii) prospective employment of such Cuban nationals?



  1. Yes

(a)(i) and (ii) 93 Cuban nationals form part of a skills exchange programme not a contract of employment

(b) and (c) Transport: 57 members working on maintenance, repair and preservation of military vehicles; Airforce: 18 engineers responsible for technical assistance on systems of combat aircrafts, transport aircrafts and helicopters; Military health services: 7 specialists advising on the improvement of military medical professional training.

(d) This is not a contract of employment but an exchange of professional and technical skills.

(e) For the 2015/16 financial year a total of R150 million has been budgeted for this contract.

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