Question NW3647 to the Minister of Social Development

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16 October 2015 - NW3647

Profile picture: Mackay, Mr G

Mackay, Mr G to ask the Minister of Social Development

(1)Is her department aware of three pension pay-out centres at Tsakane Mall in Brakpan; if so, is her department aware that (a) recipients of grants, namely the elderly, sick and mothers with children, wait for hours in the queues to receive their grants and (b) there is no shelter or benches resulting in recipients having to stand in all weather conditions while waiting for their grants to be paid out; (2) whether her department intends to go into partnership with the owners of the specified mall in order to build shelters and provide shelters; if so, what process will her department undertake with the owners of the mall; (3) will a progress report be provided on a monthly basis; if not, why not?


  1. The department has established a paypoint in Tsakane where beneficiaries can draw their cash - grants over the first five days of the months and it is a kilometer away from Tsakane Mall.
  2. & (3) There is no pay point at Tsakane Mall in Brakpan. Because of the multiple options and benefits beneficiaries derives in receiving their grants, other distribution channels exist and in this regard there are 3 merchants stores which are pay out centres. The beneficiaries opting these pay – out centres not only withdraw money but also access other services in the mall. The department is constant contact with the service provider to improve queue management during the pay days.

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