Question NW1685 to the Minister of Health

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18 December 2019 - NW1685

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Health

(a) What budget or grants are provided for the South Rand Hospital, (b) what mechanisms and processes exist to ensure that the highest level of service is provided at the hospital and (c) on what date will the current staff vacancies be filled?


a) The budget or grants for the 2019/2020 financial year, South Rand Hospital is as follows:

  • Voted funds - R274 213 000
  • Programme 8 - R 9 140 000
  • HIV/AIDS Conditional Grant - R 21 719 000
  • TB Conditional Grant - R 1 841 000

b) The hospital implements quality improvement programme that was initaited by the Premier of Gauteng called “deliverology”. Through this programme, the hospital is able to monitor staff absenteesim through attendance registers, monthly leave reports for both planned and unplanned leaves. This programme ensures that all staff are at service stations to ensure prompt service delivery.

Processes that exist to ensure that the highest level of service is provided at the hospital are as follows:

  • Quality meetings. These meetings monitor patients complaints, patient waiting times and where problem areas are identified, corrective measures are put in place.
  • Vetting committee (Bid and Adjudication committee at the hospital level) is used to ensure proper adherence to supply chain management process are followed and goods and services, equipment and the tools of trade are available in good quantities where required.
  • Governance structures such as EXCO meetings, Clinical Executive meetings, hospital board meetings) are held to ensure accountability of the staff and these are aligned with the department’s APP.

c) The recruitment process is under way to fill the vacancies and the details are as follows:

  • 13 Vacant posts
  • 13 Advertised
  • 10 Interviews held
  • 7 candidates recommended

A total of 3 Posts will be readvertised due to inability to get the suitable candidates.


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