Question NW1023 to the Minister in The Presidency

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28 October 2019 - NW1023

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister in The Presidency

(1) With reference to each BrandSA Country Head, (a) what is the name of each Country Head, (b) how long has each Country Head been in the position in each case, ( c) what is the annual salary of each Country Head, ( d) what are the (i) other perks and/or benefits such as accommodation and living expenses and (ii) costs in each case; (2) (a) what bank accow1ts does each international BrandSA office have in each case, (b) how often are the bank accounts audited in each case and ( c) who audits the bank accounts in each case?


(1) (a) (i) Mr Mudunwazi Baloyi based in USA

(ii) Ms Pamela Salela based in the UK

(iii) China - Vacant

(b) (i) Mr M Baloyi - Commenced on 01 December 2014 and contract ending 30 November 2019.

(ii) Ms P Selela - Commenced on 01 February 2015 and contract ending 31 January 2020.

(c) Both appointed officials are on Paterson 04 Salary Level

(d) The benefits and the perks on accommodation and living expenses are in line with Brand South Africa remuneration policy (Section 10: FOREIGN SERVICE DISPENSATION) and its objective being to allow Brand SA transferred employees to maintain, through the payment of a monthly foreign allowance, a standard of living equal to that of a similar managerial position in the same country.

2) (a) International Brand SA offices do not have bank accounts

(b) Not Applicable

c) Not Applicable



Name: Kgomotso Seripe

Designation: Acting Chief Financial Officer



Acting CEO BrandSA
Date: 22/10/2019


Hon Jackson Mthembu, mp
Minister in the Presidency
Date: 24/10/2019

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