Question NW1303 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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25 November 2019 - NW1303

Profile picture: King, Ms C

King, Ms C to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

In view of the fact that the proposed General Education Certificate advocates for skills development and learnerships programmes, how will his department collaborate with the Department of Basic Education to ensure skills certification for Grade 9?


Skills Development and learnership programmes were transferred to the Department of Higher Education and Science and Technology through a Presidential Proclamation in 2009 from the Department of Employment and Labour.

The Department of Employment and Labour provides free employment services to work-seekers and can extend these counselling services to those who are still within the schooling system. We will collaborate with the Department of Basic Education through these programmes to assist young people intending to join the labour market post Grade 9 to make better subject choices.

Having stated the above, there is no skills certification for Grade 9, what is being proposed is General Education Certificate which basically opens a way for career pathing.

Government is moving towards the creation of different paths for learners after they have obtained General Education Certificate. The plan whose trial is scheduled to be completed at the end of July 2020, is aimed at moving away from a single narrow path for learners, but opening up three streams model which have the academic, technical/ occupational pathways.

It is important to equip the learners with values, knowledge and skills that will enable or enhance their meaningful participation in society, to contributing towards developing sustainable communities, provide basis for further education and training and establish a firm foundation for skills development that must prepare learners for labour market.

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