Question NW507 to the Minister of State Security

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07 March 2019 - NW507

Profile picture: Ndlozi, Dr MQ

Ndlozi, Dr MQ to ask the Minister of State Security

(a) What number of (i) buildings, (ii) properties and (iii) facilities does her department currently (aa) own and (bb) rent, (b) what is the value and purpose of each (i) owned and (ii) rented property and (c) (i) for how long has each property been rented, (ii) from whom is each property rented and (iii) what is the rental fee for each property NW572E


Buildings, properties and facilities of the SSA are acquired for purposes of operational requirements. Out of necessity, the operations of SSA are mostly and mainly covert in nature. It is therefore illegal to disclose the asset base of the SSA to non-members.

The SSA also operates on the basis of need to know that essentially dictates that any disclosure of classified information should only be for purposes of achieving operational objectives.

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